Raul Julia (Kiss of the Spider Woman)
Christopher Walken (Deer Hunter)
John Stamos (Full House)
Lori Loughlin (Full House)
Richard Dreyfuss (Jaws)
Sela Ward (CSI: NY, Once and Again)
Chris Cooper (American Beauty, Adaptation)
Gloria Reuben (E.R.)
Jon Lindstrom (Port Charles)
David Paymer (Mister Saturday Night)
Tom Selleck (Blue Bloods, Magnum P.I.)
Corbin Bernsen (L.A. Law)

From Academy Award Winner Chris Cooper: (American Beauty, Adaptation, Seabiscuit)

“The moment of truth comes through the execution of acting. Bob worked with me, in his New York City acting classes on ‘moment to moment’ truth, freeing me of self consciousness, taking the emphasis away from self and placing concentration on the other actor. Bob’s process pushed me beyond my limits to discover the true and spontaneous interplay of action and reaction, skills I continue to use in my work today.”

From Sela Ward’s new book “Homesick”:
(CSI: NY, Once and Again, Sisters)

“So I started studying with a teacher named Bob McAndrew. It was one of those life changing decisions. Under Bob’s guidance I began the transformation from quiet, introspective, small town girl to confident woman who was unafraid to take risks on the public stage. More important, for the first time I began to see and to believe that there was something more to me than just a pretty face.”

From Gloria Reuben: (Lincoln, E.R., Raising the Bar)

“My first acting coach, when I moved to Los Angeles, was Bob McAndrew. Through his expertise and gentle but firm guidance and support, I was able to truly flourish and grow into a more focused, honest, and full actor. If it weren’t for the foundation that he helped me create, I am certain that I would not have had the amount of confidence and trust that is needed to maintain any kind of success in this business. I am forever indebted to Bob. He would only accept honesty and hard work...two things that I have endeavored to maintain.”

From award winning cinematographer Steven Fierberg: (Love and Other Drugs, Entourage, Secretary, Attila)

“Bob made a crucial difference in both my work, and my life. He freed me from the constraints of my fears and false assumptions and lead me to the truth that is found only by being in the moment. He will always be the mentor that made the biggest difference in my growth.”
galwaymccullough From Gordon Joseph Weiss: (Private Parts, Reversal of Fortunes, Awakenings)

"Studying with Bob McAndrew over many years has been, always, a rewarding, creative and inspirational experience in my life as a successful working actor in this business and as a creative artist. As a student of Bobs' you will be expected to work very hard with diligence and commitment, while learning a REAL approach, with REAL understanding of the depth- of the art and craft of acting. In other words you will learn a solid applicable technique for your journey as an actor. His class provides an open, safe, creative and positive supportive atmosphere. He is patient and kind and has an incredible enthusiastic attitude about your individual accomplishments, your journey, and your progress in your career. He also has a great laugh!! Sounds good? He is one of the best acting teachers around. There are so many things I've learned from this teacher, as well as some of the necessary main nuggets: how to be truly "in the moment"- how to include your partner -all the while gaining the confidence in what you are learning and will learn concerning a deep understanding of script analysis and scene study. Finally and most importantly, you will learn how to be truthful in your work- thats a gem indeed. So is he. With all my heart, I thank you Bob for all you've taught me and so generously given me."

From current student Galway McCullough:

“In this fine city of ours there are countless numbers of us who are here pursuing our love of performing which means there are also many individuals here who seek to make a living off of us.

Fortunately there are also some great folks in this city who are here to help us be the greatest performers that we are capable of being. I have been fortunate to find and study with one of those people for the last few years.

Bob McAndrew has a long history of helping folks to find their best and I will take the time to offer my own testimonial and encourage you to check him out for yourself. He even offers a free sample class so you can try it risk free.

Bob revolutionized the way I work as an actor. I met Bob at the 15 year mark of my work as an actor. Needless to say I had a few habits ingrained. Bob destroyed the walls of what I was used to calling “home” as an actor, my safety zone. In December I finished working on a very challenging experimental theatre piece which I would have been completely un-prepared for prior to working with Bob. Bob’s way of working varies from day to day, scene to scene, actor to actor. It is dependent not upon “the way he works” but on where you are at with the text at that moment in time. He knows Method, he knows Meisner etc. He will speak to you in terms you are prepared to understand and then gradually build your vocabulary as an actor.

He will challenge and support you without tearing you down or demeaning you while at the same time he will not sugar-coat things or feed you a line of shit just to keep you in class. He does turn away prospective students and has kicked folks out who aren’t putting in the work and making the effort. This is a class for those of us who are ready to make the jump in personal growth that will bring us the success we have always dreamed of. I look forward to seeing you in class/on set/stage/screen!”