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techNique class

If you want to be an actor in NYC this is where you start. Technique. You are an actor working towards success. Success comes in a moment where you have lived up to your potential. A great performance, setting foot on a film set, or just going into the audition room with the confidence that you need. The key to any good audition is the same as the key to a great performance. Preparation. No coach in the world knows preparation like Bob McAndrew. Bob has seen students go on to incredible success - whether that be making their living or winning an Academy Award. Each student has personal power. In this class, unique exercises will help you to develop a tangible and repeatable process to studying and embodying a role like never before. Chris Cooper, Christopher Walken, Sela Ward, Gloria Rueben, Raul Julia, Richard Dreyfuss, Tom Selleck, and Sam Elliot have all benefited from Bob's understanding of the craft. You can too. Right now.