Bob Mcandrew has been teaching his On Camera Acting Class for over 30 yrs!

 How We Master the Art of Film Acting:

We perform on-camera scenes in every class. At the end of class we watch the scenes on a monitor. With Bob’s expertise and guidance we learn to master our craft.
We prepare every aspect of the scenes. We dress as the characters, use props and create sets.

We approach the scenes as if we were working on a film or television set. We shoot different angles and master the close up, the shot Kazan calls “the severe and awful trial.”

We choose scenes from contemporary films and television shows. We play characters that are right for us, characters that distinguish us as unique and very special actors.

We learn to take direction. Most of the time in film or television there is no rehearsal and everything happens on the set. We learn how to prepare everything but the acting and to work with poise and confidence.

Best of all we capture footage that we constantly use on Actor’s Access, Backstage, or any other digital platform.

In the On Camera Acting Class:

Will focus on every aspect of  ACTING ON – CAMERA.  All the  work will be recorded and you will have the opportunity to see yourself on camera.  Bob coaches every actor as an individual and because you are unique he will discover your particular talent  and  help you to polish that talent so that YOU  get to play the roles that YOU  were born to play. In the workshop we will be working with  high quality contemporary scenes.  We will cover the cold read, emotional  preparation, relaxation, and  in-depth script analysis.

Contact Bob concerning an On Camera Acting Class or Private Coaching:

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